Live More of Your Life

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Through The Education Professionals, a licensee of Life. Be in it, we promote and support all of the activities of Life. Be in it.

For more than forty years, Life. Be in it. has been offering active, fun and creative experiences that encourage people to ‘live more of their lives’. Life. Be in it. has been building the foundations for generating a healthy, active society.

Life. Be in it. is the original and iconic mass participation marketing campaign started in Victoria in 1975. It brought Australia the iconic ‘Norm’ cartoon, Life. Be in it. jingle and various advertising campaigns to encourage Australians to ‘Be More Active’.

Life. Be in it. is truly a unique brand in the Australian landscape and is elevated to a ‘love-mark’ in the eyes of the Australian public and for the nostalgic regard for the Life. Be in it. Family.

‘Norm’ is an Australian icon and he has become a national identity – appearing as a float in the Federation parade, turning up at BBQs across the nation and making it as an entry in the Macquarie Dictionary. ‘Norm’ is very popular with a large following and has anti-hero status.

85% of Australians are currently able to identify with the Life. Be in it. brand and 36% indicate that they are more willing to use or buy products and services with the Life. Be in it. endorsement.

Life. Be in it. is now a privatised organisation. The brand holder is Life. Be in it. Australia Ltd (a not for profit organisation) with Life. Be in it. International Pty Ltd holding the global license for brand protection, endorsement and licensing basis. Programs run by Life. Be in it. are on a user pays and strictly-fee-for-service basis plus donations from the public.

The Life. Be in it. social marketing campaign is used throughout Australia to encourage local communities to participate in recreational activities.

The Life. Be in it. model is conceived as a vehicle for Australian’s to identify with and shape their current and future recreational activities through opportunities to make Australia fitter, healthier and happier.

Life. Be in it. provides a framework to generate increased activity levels (community and family-based, rather than elite sport) leading to increased sport for all activities and reduced national health costs through increased participation.

Life. Be in it. enables our society to actively engage through local communities using safe, smart and successful, targeted offers and to appeal to people who know the brand to “Live More of their Life”. Obesity and health challenges facing our society are seen in the wider context of the prevention of chronic diseases.