Global Eco-Learning

Global Eco-Learning and The E-Team addresses the four ‘knowings’:

the know-how of technology,

the know-what of scientific enquiry,

the know-who of humanities,

the know-why of values.

There is a certain uniqueness about Global Eco-Learning System and The E-Team because they:

  • Support the principles of working towards a sustainable future
  • Challenges economic and social trends towards increasing consumerism, materialism and unfettered economic growth
  • Redirect curriculum in which the well-being of other peoples, creatures and living things is overlooked or ignored
  • Promote and encourage the consideration of feelings and aesthetics as well as issues

Seek to empower students and their families to take wide-ranging actions in the interests of the local, regional and world environments.

Global Eco-Learning and The E-Team seek long-term change in environmental perspectives and community values and long-term commitment. It is not elite, superficial or faddish – but well-planned, well-resourced, flexible, enjoyable, sustainable and permanent. Read our full article by Robert Palmer Here.