Introducing the Founding Members of the E-Team.

The E-Team began more than 30 years ago as the mentors for the Global Eco-Learning Environmental education initiative. Since then parts of The E-Team have been revealed and discussed at national and international conferences – and specific input has been sought from special interest groups in countries throughout the world, and from more than 10,000 children and home educators throughout Australia.

Thirty years ago, five personalities came together from five contents to create the E-Team, now a truly global family which has grown to include many members.

Our founders are Owl, from Poland; Kate with little Kenny in her pouch from Australia; Purr from Central Asia; Ro from South America; and Ellie from Sri Lanka.

The E-TEAM has been developed with animal characters because using humans would have presented difficulties in making them culturally appropriate. The E-TEAM characters have also been selected for their environmental vulnerability, to represent each of the Earth’s continents, significant regions and cultural backgrounds. There is also an appropriate mix of life-forms – animals, mammals, birds, amphibians, insects and the like. Some E-Team characters have been fully developed through extensive trialing, while other characters will be revisited and refined to suit particular purposes.