For Kids

THE ETEAM add excitement, entertainment and enjoyment to learning, while stimulating lateral thinking processes and enhancing the student’s ability to process information.

THE ETEAM members encourage the student to:

•    develop and expand his/her thinking abilities

•    gain confidence in expressing ideas

•    ‘take risks’ with his/her learning

•    improve his/her ability to work independently

•    develop and refine base skills.

THE ETEAM characters  promote in the student:

•    the desire to learn, the ability to communicate effectively through reading, writing, speaking and listening.

•    a basic understanding of the number system leading to the ability to perform accurately the basic mathematical operations, to calculate and to measure, and to use these skills in every-day situations.

•    an awareness of the physical, biological, social, and cultural environments and some of the key concepts involved in understanding these.

•    an appreciation of, and the ability to express themselves in, the main forms of art, including literature, film, drama, dance, music and the fine arts.

•    the ability and disposition to think clearly, independently, and critically and to make rational decisions.

•    the ability and disposition to be imaginative and creative and to be adaptable and flexible in a changing world.

•    the ability and disposition to co-operate with others, and an awareness and tolerance of other ways of thinking and behaving.

•    a sense of identity, achievement and worth.

•    an awareness  of his/her body and a desire to keep it fit, healthy and safe.

THE ETEAM encourages  skills and personal development by:

•    making observations and performing measurements.

•    asking questions, formulating ideas and devising experiments.

•    planning, carrying out activities and drawing conclusions.

•    recording, organizing information and communicating results.

•    finding similarities, differences, patterns and relationships.